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University of Connecticut


Storrs, Connecticut


The University of Connecticut was having several performance issues with existing flow meters in the pipe runs on campus. Because of their adverse locations, UCONN’s meter packages were consistently failing, costly to maintain and required a great deal of attention. UCONN also had concerns for pipe length in crowded mechanical rooms.

Scope of Work:

Armstrong International recommended installing the Veris Flow Measurement Group’s Accelabar®because of its adaptability to fit in various locations either horizontal or vertical. Accelabar®’s high accuracy and reliable flow measurement as well as its ease of maintenance and ready to install qualities fit UCONN’s needs. The Accelabar® is capable of generating reliable turndown to accommodate a wide range due to the seasonal demands UCONN’s campus environment faces.

The Accelabar® met UCONN’s requirements for high reliability, good downturn to provide a wide range due to seasonality of demand in our campus environment, and strong support from Armstrong International in installing the meters, setting up the electronics package, and training its staff.


The Accelabar® solved UCONN’s problems with their outdated meters by providing flexibility to fit any pipe configuration. UCONN also appreciated Armstrong’s strong support for installation and training, and valued the amount of time and money saved on maintenance.

As a university campus seeking LEED and Energy Star ratings, it is a crucial advantage for UCONN to obtain high reliability data with minimal operation and maintenance costs. Determining where system losses were occurring through improved metering resulted in a simple payback period in less than six months in many instances.

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