Steam Trap Monitoring to Reduce Steam Loss and Consumption


VA New York Harbor Healthcare System Manhattan Campus


Manhattan, New York, USA


The Manhattan Campus was built in the 1950s and is served by the city’s steam loop. The facility faced the high cost of city steam and desired to cut energy costs and identify where steam loss was occurring. Many of the hospital’s failing traps were located in mechanical rooms, but some were also located in a vault with numerous leaks and hostile conditions. The system needed to be able to efficiently operate in both locations.

Scope of Work:

The facility engineer selected Armstrong International’s SteamEye® steam trap monitoring system to monitor 76 high and medium pressure steam traps. Utility Systems Solutions was contracted to perform the turnkey retrofit installation. A full steam trap survey was conducted to identify energy savings and specify the correct monitoring devices.


The hospital was able to cut steam consumption by an average of 4,000 pounds per hour with a substantial savings. The customer also recognized a simple payback within two years of installing SteamEye®.

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Solution type: 
Wireless Monitoring
VA New York Harbor Healthcare System Manhattan Campus