Safe, Reliable Hot Water Generation for Hospital Expansion


Wexford General Hospital


Wexford, Ireland


Wexford General Hospital is the primary hospital in the Southeast region of Ireland that provides acute, emergency, pediatric, and maternity care services for the local area. The hospital is also a specialist referral center for the region and treats approximately 15,000 inpatients and up to 9,000 outpatient cases per year.

The hospital required safe and stable hot water supply for domestic use for a new extension to the accident and emergency wing and delivery suite.

Scope of Work:

To accommodate the new construction, Armstrong International specified and supplied The Brain® Digital Recirculating Valve to deliver accurately controlled hot water within ±2ºF (±1ºC) at all demand levels. The accident and emergency wing as well as the delivery suite have two calorifiers that store and maintain water at 149ºF (65ºC) that is supplied from the main boiler unit in the hospital. The water is then fed to The Brain® and blended with cold water to provide water to both areas at a comfortable 140ºF (60ºC). In addition to the accurate and stable temperature, the water can also be stored at a higher temperatures to decrease the risk of Legionella and enable a longer draw-off period at peak times.

The temperature of the water from The Brain® can be pre-set anywhere between 80ºF (27ºC) and 158ºF (70ºC) and also has an automatic safety shut off feature to fail cold. The software is straightforward to program and, as is the case at Wexford General Hospital, controlled and monitored through the building management system. Monitoring takes place at 20 different points on primary, secondary, and return supplies to ensure correct temperature control and good circulation in the system.


The hot water system is working perfectly and continues to contribute to the hospital’s overall efficiency, patient care, and energy savings within this busy medical environment.

Solution type: 
Digital Water Temperature Control
Wexford General Hospital