Reducing Steam Consumption for Process and Domestic Hot Water


Cereal Partners Worldwide Tianjin Co., Ltd.
Joint Venture of Nestlé and General Mills


Tianjin, China

Scope of Work:

Process and domestic hot water supply system.

Upgrade Projects:

  • Armstrong International engineered and installed one Flo-Rite-Temp® instantaneous water heater (model 415), supplying a peak flow of 4.5 ton/hr. for shower rooms and sanitation water.

  • Armstrong engineered and installed one instantaneous water heater (model 8120) for process tank cleaning and 10 sets of Steamix 2033 hose stations for workshop cleaning (6,000 sq. meters).


The products were installed CY’2004.


  • The intermittent and fluctuate hot water demand featured in the food processing industry can be well accommodated by Armstrong’s instantaneous water heater.  By replacing the space-consuming     storage-type water heater, Armstrong’s Flo-Rite-Temp® helps reduce the overall construction costs and maintenance needs, while eliminating Legionella concerns.
  • For safety considerations, all hot water temperature control units must have operation convenience, performance reliability and instant response.  Flo-Rite-Temp® maintains accurate temperature control and fails safe when cold water pressure fails.
  • By responding instantly and efficiently, Armstrong’s Flo-Rite-Temp® helps reduce the overall steam consumption.
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Solution type: 
Hot Water Generation
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