Reducing Fuel Consumption while Increasing Condensate Return


Danone de México


Irapuato, Guanajuato, México

Scope of Work:

 Armstrong International was awarded an engineering service contract from Danone de México.  Armstrong International maintains a crew of two on-site employees.  Major repairs and installations will be managed by Armstrong by using the local mechanical contractors.

Upgrade Projects:

  • Implement a steam trap optimization program: survey, database, selection, sizing, install, repair, and replace of the steam trap population

  • Plant-wide steam distribution recommendations and condensate return

  • Redesign and install drip legs

  • Engineering of piping installations of steam distribution lines and condensate return

  • Maintenance of pump traps, PRVs, and install sensing lines and condensate equipment

  • Correct all live steam/condensate leaks

  • Plant-wide utility piping, valves, and fittings insulation

  • Improve maintenance procedures of four boilers and combustion adjustments


The total value of this agreement, no materials included, is $40,296.


Project scope began in August 2004.


Armstrong International reduced fuel consumption and increased condensate return.    

~ North America
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Solution type: 
Steam Trap Management
Danone de Mexico