Proper Humidification for Museum Storage


The Red Skelton Museum and Education Center


Vincennes, Indiana


Armstrong International’s representative partner, Affiliated Steam and Hot Water, was contacted to provide a humidification solution for The Red Skelton Museum and Education Center’s storage area. Posters, paintings, costumes, and other sensitive keepsakes from the comedian Red Skelton are stored in this area. The occupied areas of the museum were already humidified; however the storage area was not initially thought to be a critical concern.

After the opening of the museum, the customer realized that something needed to be done to protect all of the pieces not being exhibited. Many of the stored items were made of hydroscopic materials so they would be affected by the fluctuating moisture content. Specifically, the oil paintings could be damaged because the wood and canvas can potentially expand and contract with the changing humidity levels. The paint would also potentially crack and flake off.

Scope of Work:

The existing HVAC system was roof mounted unitary equipment and they did not have steam available. Because the customer was interested in using an electric steam generator, Affiliated Steam suggested the Armstrong HumidiClean™ series with Ionic Bed Technology to reduce necessary maintenance as well as offer tight control for the small space.

An Armstrong HumidiClean™ unit was installed with a single dispersion tube. The steam generator was located in the museum storage space and wall hung to preserve floor space. The Armstrong modulating room humidistat was used to keep the room at a constant 40% RH in the space.

Furthermore, in an application like this where a constant relative humidity is required, consideration must also be made for possible humid when dehumidification would be required. In this case, Affiliated Steam and Hot Water helped the customer size a heating coil to be used during the dehumidification season.


The special stored items are now fully protected against the harsh effects of improper and inconsistent humidification. The Red Skelton Museum and Education Center’s storage is now a safe place for all stored items regardless of the seasonal weather.

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The Red Skelton Museum and Education Center