Precise Water Temperature for Batter Mixing Process




Herbignac, France


Agis is a subsidiary of LDC France, a leader in poultry products and delicatessen food. As the leading ethnic food producer in France, Agis is also among the country’s top ready meal suppliers. Overall, Agis required a very precise temperature within ±2ºF (±1ºC) for their batter making process.

For their process hot water needs at the Herbignac plant, Agis relied on a standard heat exchanger, modulating valve, and buffer tank. The temperature in the buffer tank was difficult to regulate and at times could reach 194ºF (90ºC), which exceeded the required temperature for the batter mixing process. As a quick fix, water had to be drained from the tank for up to two minutes wasting between 13 - 26 gallons (50-100 liters) of water as well as associated energy. A consistent temperature for the in-flowing water was also difficult to maintain. 

Scope of Work:

Armstrong International designed and specified a hot water system that included an Armstrong Digital-Flo® package to meet Agis’ temperature and precise process requirements. The Digital-Flo® system was installed to service a new production line and to improve the process on existing production lines. 


The Digital-Flo® provides instantaneous hot water on demand. The Brain® Digital Recirculating Valve consistently provides tightly controlled temperature for the process use. There is virtually no water wasted and the time to fill the blender is much shorter. The operator can control the operation remotely by adjusting the set point of The Brain® via Modbus. Agis also enjoys total confidence that the temperature of the water ensures a perfect and consistent blend of water and rice flour.

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Hot Water Generation