Optimization of Steam and Condensate Systems to Increase Energy Savings


Fushun Petrochemical Divn of PetroChina
Detergent Chemical Plant


Fushun, China


Armstrong International designed, engineered, installed and financed a steam system and condensate recovery system optimization project for the Detergent Chemical Plant, Fushun Petrochemical Division of PetroChina.

This is one of the several sub-projects covered in a system optimization agreement under the cooperation of Fushun Petrochemical and Armstrong.

Scope of Work:

  • Optimize condensate collection stations for tracing lines

  • Merge, terminate or re-route the existing condensate return lines; change overhead pipelines and buried pipelines to overhead pipelines

  • Re-design the flash steam utilization system

  • Install condensate treatment to system (IEF) to remove oil, iron, silicon and floating matters from the condensate before being pumped to the demineralized water tank    

  • Apply steam traps in tracing lines that resist back pressure and reduce steam carry-over

The annual condensate recovery: 103,000 tons; steam saving rate: 30%; annual steam savings: 43,000 tons; net energy savings: $434,000; payback period: 2.5 years


  • Pipelines enjoy little heat loss, even resistance distribution, high reliability and easy maintenance
  • Condensate heat is recovered to its utmost.  No steam is discharged directly to the atmosphere
  • Condensate treatment integrates filtering with ion exchange.  With a fully developed monitoring system, PLC control system and two industrial PC work stations, the system is automatic and carefree.
  • After treatment, the condensate can fully comply with the quality requirements for MP boiler feed water
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Hydrocarbon / Chemical
Solution type: 
Condensate System Optimization
Fushun Detergent