Operations Maintenance for Seven-Star Resort


ITC Grand Chola


Chennai, India


Armstrong International designed, supplied, and commissioned two complete digital hot water generation systems, the condensate return management with pump packages, and the pressure reducing stations for the new Grand Chola hotel by ITC. The system has been designed to be fully redundant. Providing hot water for the 600 rooms including the standard and presidential suites. Safety, accuracy, simplicity and connectivity are critical for this brand new seven-star hotel, the first of its kind.

Scope of Work:

Armstrong International is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the utilities which include a 665 Digital-Flo with a capacity of 17m3/hr and a 8120 Digital-Flo with a capacity of 32.2m3/hr, two boilers (2.8 t/h) and related equipment as well as complete steam and condensate systems. The two Brain DRV80s used in the project are fully digital recirculating valves (DRV) designed specifically to be the primary water temperature controller in a continuously pumped recirculating hot water system.


Safety: Water is raised above legionella survival temperature. Constant and accurate water temperature prevents potential scalding.

Accuracy: Outlet temperature to system is +/- 2

Simplicity: Constant steam pressure prevents stall – no pump trap required, low surface temperature option (modulated steam) – reduced scaling, instantaneous supply – no storage needed, and single integral digital control valve (DRV80) replaces multiple components.

Connectivity: Performance monitoring (BrainScan™), Self diagnostics, Field programmable

As an Armstrong O&M site, Armstrong will employ and manage a team of engineers, operators, technicians, and maintenance personnel to efficiently run site operations. Armstrong will identify future utility improvement opportunities such as steam and water, and recommend cost saving solutions.

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Solution type: 
Hot Water Generation
ITC Grand Chola Starwood