Operations and Maintenance Services Led to $2 Million in Cost Avoidance


H.J. Heinz


Fremont, OH

Scope of Work:

Armstrong International owns, operates, and maintains the utility assets, producing steam and compressed air, and maintains the corresponding distribution systems throughout the Heinz facility.

The powerhouse produces a peak of 205,000 lbs/hr of steam and 10,000 cfm of compressed air.

The Armstrong engineering team recognized and designed the upgrades to the electrical, steam, and compressed air systems.

Upgrade Projects:

Armstrong maintains a crew of six on-site employees who are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the utility assets and the steam and air distribution systems. This includes an Armstrong site supervisor who has overall responsibility for these systems including system efficiency, reliability, and reporting.

  • Installed a stack economizer on boiler #5

  • Replacement of blowdown heat recovery equipment

  • Replacement of product deareator steam jet ejectors with mechanical vacuum pumps

  • Repaired and/or replaced cooker relief valves and steam vent control valves

  • Steam trap repair and replacement

  • Correct steam blow-thru rate on cooker kettles

  • Compressed air system optimization

  • Ketchup cooling heat recovery and water re-use

  • Energy Optimization System (EOS) / utility monitoring system

  • Isolate the abandoned lines to pre-cons

  • Condensate return improvement


The agreement’s total value is in excess of $100 million. The financing was secured utilizing Armstrong’s strategic partners, Americas Power Partners/LaSalle Bank. The type of contract is an Energy Service Agreement.


25-year operation and maintenance began March 2002.


Heinz’s overall utility costs have been reduced while avoiding $2 million in capital upgrades. All savings were guaranteed (savings amounts cannot be shared by confidentiality agreement). Heinz received a capital payment for the powerhouse assets.

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Solution type: 
Operations and Maintenance Services
Heinz - Freemont Plant