Operations and Maintenance Agreement to Maximizing Reliability and Production Output


Intrepid Potash-New Mexico, LLC


Carlsbad, NM

Intrepid Potash supplies American agriculture with an essential crop nutrient produced in the United States. Intrepid is the only western world producer created and dedicated solely to potassium-related products. Intrepid supplies approximately 1.5% of global demand and roughly 9.4% of U.S. demand.

Scope of Work:

Armstrong is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the steam and condensate distribution systems, boilers and all associated equipment to provide 250 psi saturated steam to the Intrepid Potash mining facility. Utility plant equipment includes:

  • Three, 50,000 lb/hr boilers
  • One, 65,000lb/hr boiler
  • One, 72,000 lb/hr boiler
  • Associated support equipment, steam distribution system, and condensate return system
  • Water softeners and condensate polishers


3 Year O & M Contract, beginning August 1, 2012


The Intrepid facility is staffed with Armstrong utility experts consisting of a site supervisor and four operator/mechanics. The sense of urgency and primary focus is to improve steam plant reliability and feedwater/condensate quality through implementation of utility industry best practices. In conjunction with maximizing reliability and production output, Armstrong will also be concentrating on reducing overall energy costs.

~ North America
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Operations and Maintenance Services
Intrepid Potash