Multi-year Energineering Service Contract


Lehigh Valley Hospital


Allentown, PA

Scope of Work:

Armstrong International was awarded an engineering service contract from Lehigh Valley Hospital.

Upgrade Projects:

  • Provide turnkey design, engineering, and construction services to implement a flash steam and condensate recovery project to lower the hospital’s energy and maintenance costs 

  • Perform cost savings calculations from energy bill data, site measurements, and system analysis to assist Lehigh Valley Hospital in monitoring the captured savings

  • Implement a series of energy efficiency measures that will provide a simple payback in less than three years

  • Provide sustaining engineering services and develop further system upgrades by auditing the new system quarterly for three years and performing an annual steam trap survey


  • Lehigh Valley Hospital has significantly less equipment downtime due to corrected system misapplications and reap the benefits of major energy cost savings
  • Lehigh Valley Hospital enjoyed a less than three year simple payback on the improvements made by Armstrong
  • The Armstrong design improved the hospital’s appearance by eliminating an unsightly flash steam exhaust to the atmosphere
~ North America
Solution type: 
Turnkey Installation
Lehigh Hospital