Major Internal Steam Line Degradation


Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System


North Little Rock and Little Rock, Arkansas, USA


The Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System, a flagship Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare provider, is one of the largest and busiest VA medical centers in the country. Its two hospitals, located in Little Rock and North Little Rock, anchor a broad spectrum of inpatient and outpatient healthcare services, ranging from disease prevention through primary care, to complex surgical procedures, to extended rehabilitative care. This System serves as a teaching facility for more than 1,500 students and residents enrolled in more than 65 educational programs; its principal affiliate is the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Scope of Work:

The North Little Rock campus is located on a former Army cavalry post. It has experienced major internal steam line degradation from carbonic acid corrosion and many incidences of “cold plugged” steam traps that is considered higher than normal. Traps were also located in potential flooded areas so the customer required a robust system that efficiently operates in hostile conditions.

In addition to the North Little Rock campus, a steam trap survey was also conducted at the Little Rock hospital, which identified a substantial annual savings.

The contracting officer used a GSA competitive solicitation and selected Armstrong International’s SteamEye® steam trap monitoring system to monitor the traps. An updated steam trap survey was conducted to ensure accurate data for both facilities and specify the correct monitoring devices. SteamEye® was used to tie the two systems together.


Armstrong’s SteamEye® solution helped the facility manager get a handle on the cold plugged steam traps in the decade-old facility. SteamEye® was selected to monitor the traps because it could operate in manholes so the facilities team does not have issues concerning ground water flooding damaging the transmitter when it rains. The facility also recognized a simple payback within six years. CS_

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Wireless Monitoring
Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System