Instantaneous Hot Water for Communal Showers


Shenzhen Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

Scope of Work:

Shenzhen relied on Armstrong International to provide an efficient humidification solution to improve the plant’s work environment. Armstrong modified the plant’s eight modular central air conditioning units by installing a Cool-Fog® humidification system to each individual unit to increase energy savings. The added humidifiers automatically alternate with the existing direct steam injection humidifier. The fogging system features an adiabatic humidifier and evaporative cooling effects. It humidifies the air while, at the same time, drastically reduces the air temperature. Using the fogging system during periods when both humidification and cooling are required reduces the power consumption required for steam production and cooling. The system also generates significant energy savings.


After running the system for three months during the summer, data comparison shows that power consumption of the air conditioning units were reduced by 9.5% and no steam is required for humidification. The goal of the modification project was reached.

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Hot Water Generation
Shenzhen Tobacco Industry Co. Ltd