Identifying Steam and Condensate Usage


Federal Offi ce Building


Eastern City

Scope of Work:

This office building in a large city purchases steam from a central steam loop that has numerous leaks. The cost of the steam line losses are amortized among all the end users.

The facility manager was looking for a way to show actual steam usage in his building so he could pay only for the steam his facility used.

Armstrong International and Utility Systems Solutions provided a turnkey retrofit installation of SteamEye® trap monitoring within the building to track leaking traps. We also recommended metering the steam and the condensate as it enters and leaves the city loop to identify actual usage.

Upgrade Projects:

Following a Beta test of the equipment on site, a steam trap survey was conducted to identify failed traps and specify the correct monitoring devices. The survey results were implemented through a turnkey retrofi t project to install steam trap monitoring transmitters on the high and medium pressure traps.


The simple payback was under four years.


The facility manager reported, “To get an accurate measure of our steam usage, the solution was to meter the steam in from the city, monitor its usage with SteamEye® trap monitoring and meter the condensate being returned to the city loop. SteamEye® gave us a tool we need to pay for exactly the amount of steam we use.”

~ North America
General Industry
Solution type: 
Wireless Monitoring
Federal Office Building