Humidity Control in a Tobacco Production Facility


Hongyunhonghe Tobacco Group


Kunming, Yunan Province, China


In the past, Hongyunhonghe Group’s two cigarette manufacturing plants did not have humidification systems to control the humidity in the production environment. In a dry environment, tobacco leaves easily lose moisture and become damaged. Damaged leaves decrease the quality and processing capacity of the tobacco and increases waste.

In addition, the production and lighting equipment at the tobacco baking plant generated heat which caused a significant increase in air temperature. Finally, the two plants were not air-conditioned and, in most cases, the working environment was hot and uncomfortable.

Scope of Work:

A gas-water hybrid fogging system was installed in each plant, which included 39 fogging assemblies. The humidification systems were evenly distributed across parts of the plants. The required humidity levels are managed on site by adjusting the humidity controller.


Humidity control for the production environment was achieved and, at the same time, the fogging system caused a cooling effect. Because the environment is now humidified, the temperature of the environment has been drastically decreased. Additionally, the humidification system also reduced dust and increased workshop production.

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