Hot Water Generation to Meet Efficiency and Hygiene Requirements


Moy Park


Ashbourne, England, United Kingdom


Moy Park expanded its Ashbourne poultry processing plant in 2011. The need to introduce best practice methods prompted a search for a better and more efficient method of generating hot water. The existing steam boilers had to be decommissioned as they did not meet the requirements of the modern food production process. It was also necessary to eliminate the steam pipe work circulating around the site to comply with associated pressure equipment regulations.

Scope of Work:

Armstrong International installed a fully-packaged Flo-Direct® Complete Thermal Exchange (CTE) gas-fired water heater solution with pumps and a buffer tank to meet Moy Park’s production efficiency and hygiene requirements. Armstrong’s Flo-Direct® solution is compact, low maintenance, and is 99.7% efficient.

Because hot water generation is one of the fundamental utilities required for primary poultry processing, Moy Park’s choice was vital. The Flo-Direct® is mainly used for scald tank filling to allow the effective plucking of birds, hygienic wash down of equipment and general hand washing services.


All hot water required for the plant is now generated from the Flo-Direct®. It is specified at 10,830gph (41m³/hr.) of water at 149ºF (65ºC) and circulates around the factory where it is mixed locally to the required temperature at point-of-use. As a result the plant is now entirely steam free - an important contribution to health and safety.

Although exact cost savings are not easily quantifiable, as the Flo-Direct installation coincided with significantly greater production and therefore water usage, Moy Park has recognized a considerable proportionate gas reduction as well as a prompt return on investment.

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Hot Water Generation
Moy Park