Hot Water Generation to Accommodate Plan Expansion


Beef Slaughter Facility


Western Canada

Scope of Work:

This facility was expanding its beef processing production capacity. In order to meet this increase in production, their initial study recommended the purchase of a new steam boiler to add to steaming capacity. This also meant that an additional operator would have to be hired. Armstrong International was called upon to determine alternatives to this scenario.

Upgrade Projects:

Armstrong recommended the installation of a 25 million Btu Flo-Direct® Complete Thermal Exchange (CTE) water heater. This heater could be located close to production need and does not require an operator. Additionally, the heater is 99.7% efficient (versus 80% for a boiler) and delivers NSF certified water.


Total value of the project was $210,000.


The project was completed in May 2004.


The project produced energy savings because the water heater is 99% efficient versus 80% boiler efficiency. It was less expensive to set-up versus a boiler and did not require an operator.

~ North America
Food & Beverage
Solution type: 
Hot Water Generation
Beef Slaughter Facility