Flexible Flow Measurement Solution to Work in Any Pipe Configuration


Yale University


New Haven, Connecticut


Yale University did not have adequate pipe runs to accurately measure steam in older buildings and also in retrofit applications. The existing meters were inaccurate and non-repeatable. This made planning load distribution to buildings difficult and time consuming at best. Yale was in search of a simple meter that was relatively easy to maintain and provided accurate results quickly.

Scope of Work:

Since most of the buildings on Yale’s campus are over 100 years old, Armstrong International suggested the Veris Flow Measurement Group’s Accelabar® flow meter because of its flexibility to work in any pipe configuration and its repeatable capability. Compared to other flow meters, Accelabar® has the sufficient velocity to produce a readable sign or sufficient turndown. The unit was shipped ready for install making startup simple and hassle free.


Yale enjoyed that the Accelabar® has no moving parts and requires very little maintenance while producing accurate readings. While measuring the return on investment is difficult to determine on a non-billed entity, the university believes the return was relatively quick because of the seamless installation, accurate and efficient measurement by the Accelabar® as well as avoiding the need for restructuring the original pipework.

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Higher Education
Solution type: 
Flow Measurement
Yale University