Facilities and Maintenance Training to Boost Energy Savings


The University of Texas at Austin


Austin, Texas, USA


Over the years, facility and maintenance personnel from The University of Texas at Austin attended facilities steam system training seminars at their local Armstrong International representative affiliate, GBA Solutions. The facilities maintenance team at UT Austin pushed personnel training so that staff can recognize and implement Best Practices to save energy and operate their equipment more efficiently. UT Austin desired an expanded training option, but could not pinpoint a program that focused on thermal utilities, specifically steam systems.

Scope of Work:

GBA Solutions and Armstrong recommended Armstrong University, a comprehensive online training curriculum, for UT Austin to expand their steam system knowledge further. The coursework found in Armstrong University has been carefully developed by energy and thermal utility system specialists and leading technical experts with over 2,000 years of collective, practical experience. From supervisors to technicians, UT Austin’s facility and maintenance personnel have access to an extensive curriculum that spans multiple colleges of learning and over 100 courses of study including Steam Principles, Generation, Distribution & Use and Condensate Recovery plus more.

While GBA Solutions supplies steam system components, audits and solutions to UT Austin, facility and maintenance personnel complete training modules as an extension to help UT Austin achieve their energy saving goals. UT Austin utilizes Armstrong University to cross-train technicians from different areas of the facility for backup as well as new employee training.


Armstrong University has proven to be a valuable tool for UT Austin. As a result of training, the facilities and maintenance staff are able to communicate more efficiently about issues regarding their steam system that they have encountered. Technicians can now easily apply steam system principles they have learned to solve identified problems.

UT Austin has been so satisfied with their experience with Armstrong University that they have committed their entire facility and maintenance staff to utilizing Armstrong University for an entire year to be able to address all steam related issues and implement appropriate Best Practices to achieve their energy saving goals.

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