Corporate Design Standard for Domestic Hot Water Temperature Control Device


FRHI Hotels and Resorts


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Scope of Agreement:

FRHI Hotels and Resorts has selected The Brain® Digital Re-Circulating Valve from Armstrong International, as its corporate standard domestic hot water temperature control device for all FRHI branded hotels. The Brain® is designed specifically to be the primary water temperature controller in a continuously pumped recirculating hot water system. The Brain® will control within a +/-2°F (1°C) accuracy and provide flow capacities from 0-188 gpm (0-712 lpm). The FRHI Design Standard pertains to New Construction and Engineered Renovation projects for all FRHI brands.

FRHI Design Standard:

Digital Re-Circulating Valve (DRV): Provide DRVs for the following hot water system applications; systems with a maximum simultaneous demand (MSD) less than or equal to 3.8l/sec (60 gpm), provide one DRV40R-BS-DS, systems up to 7.2 l/sec (115 gpm), provide either two DRV40R-BS-DS in parallel or one DRV80R-BS-DS, systems up to 11 l/sec (175 gpm), provide one DRV40R-BS-DS and one DRV80R-BS-DS in parallel, and systems up to 14.5 l/sec (230 gpm), provide two DRV80R-BS-DS in parallel.

The FRHI Design Standard does not specify an otherwise approved equal and will not accept substitution within this product category.

Installation: Install valve in compliance with manufacturer’s published instructions at

Designer and installer may also consider a fully pre-piped “Digital Mixing Center” (DMC40-BS-DS, DMC40-40-BS-DS, DMC80-BS-DS, DMC80-80-BS-DS).

The designer and installer can also consider utilizing The Brain® to create a number of smaller loops or zones within the hot water recirculation system. This would facilitate better balancing of the system and make any thermal disinfection regime easier to manage.

Please contact the following individuals if you have questions:

William Carr
Executive Director of Engineering, Design, and Construction
FRHI Hotels and Resorts
+971 50 189 4791

Ryan Bloss
Director of Global Hospitality
Armstrong International
(772) 538-7017

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