Corporate Design Standard for Domestic Hot Water Temperature Control Device


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OTO Development was established in 2004 by world-class entrepreneurs with long histories of success in rapid growth organizations. Builders of world-class organizations and a rich history in lodging, the founders created OTO Development with the mission to maximize the value of investments in both people and product. With an emphasis on quality, reliability, service, and value, OTO’s goal is to develop a portfolio of great hotels managed by exceptional people.

Scope of Work:

With a shared commitment to quality, reliability, service and value, Armstrong International and OTO Development came together for the first time in May of 2006 to discuss the possibility of including the Electronic Mixing Center (EMC), now known as the The Brain® Digital Mixing Valve, in their design standard. After meeting with Bruce Collins, OTO’s Director of Development, Armstrong received the first specification and approval for installation of the Electronic Mixing Center for a Springhill Suites location in Erie, Pennsylvania. The original installation at the Springhill Suites in Erie, Pennsylvania has now been online for over five years without a single call to Armstrong for service or report of temperature control problems.

As OTO Development enacted its business plan to develop and manage great select service hotels, Armstrong also pushed forward in introducing a new era of Digital Water Temperature Control designed specifically for the recirculating systems. The Brain® DRV80 and BrainScan® were an immediate fit for the expanding OTO Development portfolio.

By design, The Brain® DRV80 offers outstanding temperature control with +/-2 degrees regardless of the hotel load or time of day. Armstrong also includes a five-year complete component warranty for The Brain® DRV80. Armstrong’s digital technology allows an owner to view, control and diagnose the hot water feed system remotely by simply connecting to BrainScan® via the internet, even without having a conventional building automation system.

With 25 hotels utilizing The Brain® DRV80 with BrainScan, the OTO Development property teams as well as the Corporate Director of Facilities, Kevin DeMark, can locally or remotely monitor the hot water feed system from anywhere in the country. For more information, visit the OTO Development website.

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