Continuous Monitoring of Steam Trap Population to Reduce Labor and Energy Costs


James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital


Tampa, Florida, USA


James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital serves four counties in Central Florida. With over 400 beds, the hospital is affiliated with with the University of South Florida College of Medicine and provides training to over 550 residents, fellows and nurses.

Since 2004, more than 170 steam traps were fitted with Armstrong International’s SteamEye® wireless technology for continuous and automatic monitoring of steam trap operation to detect temperature and ultrasonic fluctuations in steam flow. Signal repeaters were also installed to transmit to the central receiver or gateway.

Scope of Work:

As a whole, the system reduced labor and energy costs by constantly and automatically monitoring their steam trap population. The gateway was connected to the Johnson Controls Building Management System (BMS) to increase the benefits of this system even further by boosting reporting and managing capabilities.


Peoples Gas presented an ESC Partnership Award to the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital for its long-term energy conservation initiatives. Peoples Gas worked with the VA to develop and finance a $19.6 million project to help meet the hospital’s aggressive energy reduction goals over the next decade.

These projects included steam system upgrades, which Armstrong participated in. The measures are expected to create annual cost savings for the hospital, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and nitrous oxide. Armstrong was recognized as a partner on these projects. The projects included the steam trap monitoring system.

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James A Haley VA Hospital