Condensate Contamination Mitigation




Hammond, IN

Scope of Work:

Plant personnel had a goal to lower their operational costs and asked Armstrong International for a complete review of their entire steam and condensate systems. They also wanted to address condensate contamination from their process heat exchangers. In order to prevent potential boiler damage, the condensate from certain process areas was diverted to drain. Due to past boiler problems, condensate return lines had also been abandoned from specific process areas.

Upgrade Projects:

Armstrong’s engineering team conducted a complete system analysis of the steam and condensate systems. The scope of work was so extensive that Unilever desired to have a turnkey approach to project implementation.

Armstrong provided the following upgrade projects:

  • Engineered and installed a complete condensate return and pumping system

  • Engineered and installed controls for monitoring multiple condensate return locations and installed total organic carbon sensing to divert condensate to drain if contaminated

  • Engineered and installed variable frequency control on the primary boiler forced draft fan


The total value of the project was $550,000.


The project was completed in the summer of 2005.


  • Unilever realized paybacks that met their internal requirements for utility project funding
  • They expected this project to contribute considerably to their utility operations cost reduction targets through increased condensate return and reduction in electrical consumption 
  • Unilever eliminated unnecessary boiler repair costs due to past condensate contamination issues
~ North America
Food & Beverage
Solution type: 
Condensate System Optimization