Armstrong University Online Courses Supplements College Lectures for Piping Apprenticeship Training


Camosun College


Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Camosun College serves approximately 18,000 learners a year in certificate, diploma, bachelor’s degree, and continuing education programs, which includes apprenticeship training. Camosun’s Plumbing & Pipe Trades Foundation program blends in-class theory with hands-on practical skills training to prepare students for employment and apprenticeships.

Camosun College’s Pipe Trades Department partners with UA Local 324, which is the local United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada. UA is a multi-craft union whose members are engaged in the fabrication, installation and servicing of piping systems. All Local 324 apprentices participate in their various levels of technical apprenticeship training through Camosun’s Pipe Trades programs.


Armstrong University Online is used by the students and apprentices as a resource for steam, air and hot water education. The Armstrong University courses supplement course textbooks and lectures by instructors who have many years of plumbing and pipefitting experience.

Students are required to complete Armstrong University courses such as Steam Principles, Steam Traps, and Hot Water topics either as a class activity or as individual assignments outside of the classroom. Completion of the Armstrong University courses counts towards their overall grade and graduation requirements.


Students enjoy the ease of access and online availability of Armstrong University, and benefit from the in-depth content and recommended system optimizations presented in the interactive narrated courses. They appreciate the ability to review courses multiple times. The combination of face-to-face instruction and the ability to go online and access Armstrong University has proved to reinforce what the students have learned. Several Camosun students have proceeded to take additional Armstrong University courses on their own after graduating from the Camosun program.

To provide additional hands-on training, Camosun recently purchased an Armstrong steam board as a teaching tool. The steam board allows the students to “see” through glass piping the actual operation of individual trap types and witness the harmful effects air and non-condensable gases have on system efficiency.

The training and knowledge provided by Armstrong University allows Camosun students to kick start their careers in the steamfitting, plumbing, sprinkler fitter, gas and refrigeration industries.

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