Brain® DRV25 Provides Superior Water Temperature Control for Spokane Public School District


Spokane Public School District


Spokane County, Washington


The Spokane Public School District includes oversight and administration of seven high schools, six middle schools, and 34 elementary schools. Rogers High School is 90,000 sq. ft. with roughly 1,500 students.


The maintenance team for the Spokane Public School District had two significant hot water problems they wanted to resolve at Rogers High School: 1) A lack of temperature control during varying levels of demand, and 2) The frequency and high cost of maintenance associated with the existing thermostatic mixing valves.

Spokane Public School District turned to Armstrong Representative, Proctor Sales, with whom they had forged a trusting relationship over the years after solving a similar problem at a local elementary building, and many others since.

That first project featured The Brain® DRV80, Armstrong’s first generation of digital temperature control technology. The success of the initial installation required factory support in the field to resolve system issues external of the mixing valve, an effort applauded by the maintenance staff. Shortly after the installation, a water main break allowed a large volume of debris to reach the valve. The debris damaged the drive motor, and although an unqualified event, was replaced under full warranty by Armstrong and Proctor Sales. Not only did the DRV80 demonstrate repair simplicity, the hassle-free “service after the sale” was most impressive to the Spokane Public School District maintenance team.

It did not end there. With almost two dozen installs to date, the recent modernizations at Rogers High School featured the DRV25, our third generation of digital temperature control technology. Three zones that were previously being served by antiquated TMV technology are now enjoying the unparalleled  performance of The Brain® DRV25.


This case study scripts a compelling testament that as technology evolved so did the level of trust that the customer placed in the ability of Armstrong and Proctor Sales to deliver precise temperature control for both comfort and scald prevention, reduced maintenance costs augmented by simplistic design and a five-year warranty, and outstanding service and support before, during and after the sale.

A simple story that explains why The Brain® Digital Recirculation Valve is the basis of design for all Spokane Public School District’s hot water temperature control upgrades. It’s elementary!

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