Armstrong VERIS Accelabar Flow Measurement Solution

Forget About Fitting It – No Straight Run Required

Armstrong’s VERIS Accelabar

Armstrong’s VERIS Accelabar® delivers superior flow measurement accuracy, with no straight run requirements. Our unique flow meter combines differential pressure technologies to maintain high accuracy over a wide operating range. VERIS Accelabar® offers verified accuracy and flow coefficients, eliminating the need for calibration. Compared to other flow meters, VERIS Accelabar® creates sufficient fluid velocity to produce a readable signal over large turndowns in flow.

Armstrong VERIS Accelabar® Flow Measurement Solution

VERIS Accelabar® is an in-line meter that doesn't require any straight run of pipe to ensure accuracy, so it can be used in extremely limited straight run piping configurations—dramatically reducing the total cost of installation.

Complete and Ready to Install

VERIS Accelabar® comes complete with differential pressure transmitter, RTD for temperature compensation, and a variety of available output communications. Standard 4-20ma analog output is compatible with the majority of industry flow computers and RTUs. Pairing with a multivariable transmitter provides pressure and temperature compensation, allowing for true mass flow output.

The Advanatages of VERIS Accelabar®

  • No straight run required
  • Designed for severe service, can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures
  • Special materials available
  • Field verifiable
  • High accuracy up to ±0.5%
  • Mass or volumetric flow

Certifications and Traceability

  • Meets EPA 40 CFR 98, 40 CFR Part 60, ASME MFC-12M
  • Flow tested per API 22.2 protocol, NIST traceable
  • Manufactured by an ISO 9001 certified facility
  • Other QA certifications (B31.1, PED, etc.) available upon request
  • AGA 3 compliant

VERIS Accelabar® Flow Meter

VERIS Accelabar® is a simple, exceptionally accurate flow measurement solution that works without a straight run of pipe.

Applications in Gas, Liquid and Steam

  • Gas—natural gas, methane, nitrogen, air, mixed gases, flare gases, carbon dioxide
  • Liquids—liquid propylene, cooling water, hydrocarbon liquids supply and return water
  • Steam—superheated steam, saturated steam

Case Studies

Performance Monitoring of Various Gas Flow Ranges

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