Armstrong VERIS Accelabar Flow Measurement Solution

Forget About Fitting It – No Straight Run Required

The Advantages of Accelabar

Armstrong’s VERIS Accelabar® delivers superior accuracy in primary metering and sub-metering, with no need for straight pipe runs. It accurately measures steam distribution, which eliminates the need to rely on difficult condensate measurement. By precisely measuring utility consumption, whether steam, chilled or hot water, or natural gas to specific locations, VERIS Accelabar® provides accuracy and reliability throughout changing seasonal utility demands. With VERIS Accelabar® you have the ability to allocate energy consumption to users based on actual usage rather than facility square footage.

VERIS Accelabar® combines differential pressure technologies to maintain high accuracy over a wide operating range. Our unique flow meter offers verified accuracy and flow coefficients, eliminating the need for calibration. Compared to other flow meters, VERIS Accelabar® creates sufficient fluid velocity to produce a readable signal over large turndowns in flow.

Meter Accurately Year Round, All Seasons

Be confident in your steam usage throughout the entire year. Measure the hectic winter months as well as the challenging months in summer with VERIS Accelabar®.


Complete and Ready to Install

VERIS Accelabar® comes complete with differential pressure transmitter and a variety of available output communications. Integral RTD and/or multivariable transmitter are available to provide pressure and temperature compensation for true mass flow output.

The Advantages of VERIS Accelabar®

  • Requires no straight pipe neither upstream nor downstream.
  • Verified accuracy and flow coefficients.
  • Compared to other flow meters, VERIS Accelabar®’s patented inlet nozzle creates sufficient fluid velocity to produce a readable signal over large turndowns in flow.
  • 2 cuts, 2 welds, 2 wires. Ready-to-install flow meter comes complete with all required components.
  • Can be applied on liquids, gases, and steam providing versatility with a standardized meter.
  • No moving parts, no maintenance, no calibration.

VERIS Accelabar® Flow Measurement Solution

VERIS Accelabar® is a unique solution that delivers superior flow measurement accuracy in steam, liquids, and gases.

Applications in Gas, Liquid and Steam

  • Steam—university steam metering, superheated steam, saturated steam
  • Gas—natural gas, duct air, compressed air, exhaust air, emissions monitoring
  • Liquids—condensate, chilled water, boiler feedwater

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Solving Performance Issues With Accuracy, Simplicity and Adaptability

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Why Armstrong?

Armstrong has more than a century of in-depth knowledge and experience, enabling us to manage your flow measurement requirements like no one else can. On the forefront of technology and innovation, Armstrong was the inventor of the inverted bucket steam trap and we introduced digital hot water temperature control to the world. Our company holds more than 50 patents on exceptional products and software. We're the trusted global leader in energy management, conservation and sustainability. Our groundbreaking products and intelligent solutions consistently save time, money and energy for some of North America's top universities, even during campus expansion.

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