Armstrong Stainless Steel Trap Valve Station

Armstrong Stainless Steel Trap Valve Station

Armstrong Trap Valve Station (TVS) dramatically simplifies installation and maintenance of Inverted Bucket Steam Traps, as well as other steam trap types. All the functions of multiple components are integrated into a much smaller, more accessible, space-saving unit. The Armstrong TVS lowers costs by eliminating potential leak points and reducing time needed for installation and maintenance. There is no need to shut down your entire system to replace a stream trap, simply turn off the valves and remove the trap. With the Armstrong TVS, repair and removal can be performed in-line with ease for maximum safety and efficiency.

Sealing Integrity

Armstrong TVS is designed to perform efficiently and reliably, without leakage. It delivers a tight seal automatically, as flexible disc springs exert pressure to keep upper and lower valve sealing rings compressed at all times. Integrity of the seal is upheld by compression of the sealing rings against the piston and valve body. This combination of disc springs and dual valve seal rings provides protection against expansion and contraction due to heating and cooling, ensuring dependable operation, even after years of service.

Guaranteed TO PERFORM

Our Stainless Steel Inverted Bucket Steam Trap and Stainless Steel Trap Valve Station are both backed by Armstrong’s three-year guarantee; however, when used in combination, Armstrong offers a five-year no-leak guarantee.

Our Stainless Steel Trap Valve Station Makes a
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TVS 4000 Series Stainless Steel Trap Valve Station


TVS 4000 Series Stainless Steel Trap Valve Station
TVS 4000 Series Stainless Steel Trap Valve Station

TVS 4000 Series Stainless Steel Trap Valve Station

The two piston-style isolation valves, test valve, and integral stainless steel strainer with blowdown valve are all merged into a single, versatile, 5-inch package.

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"The Proof: How Long Do Armstrong Inverted Bucket Steam Traps Really Last?"

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More About IB Steam Traps from Armstrong University

More About IB Steam Traps from Armstrong University

Bucket vent sizing is based on the ability to pass typical volumes of non-condensable gases (air) encountered, while minimizing potential steam flow through it. This allows radiation losses of the trap body and cooler condensate prime to condense it. Volumes vary with pressure and radiant heat losses vary with body mass and ambient conditions. However, this small volume of steam (live or flash) is vented into the liquid seal surrounding the bucket (which has lost all latent heat), so it is typically condensed.

The orifice remains closed and surrounded by condensate until the condensate level inside the bucket reaches the point where the bucket loses buoyancy and discharges. The condensate level inside the bucket is independent of the constant level outside the bucket over the orifice where vented gases are accumulated; this further minimizes the loss of any condensable gases (steam) through discharge. The energy efficiency of this design and its ability to prevent loss of live steam has been documented and tested.

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Why Armstrong?

Armstrong International has more than a century of in-depth knowledge and experience, enabling us to manage your steam and condensate requirements better than anyone in the world. On the forefront of technology and innovation, our company invented the Inverted Bucket Steam Trap in 1911. Today, it remains the top-performing steam trap available anywhere. Often the first to market, Armstrong holds more than 50 patents on exceptional products and software.

We're the trusted global leader in steam and condensate solutions, and our groundbreaking products and intelligent solutions consistently save time, money and energy for some of the largest, most efficient companies in your industry.

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