Armstrong Intelligent Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Armstrong Intelligent Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Armstrong Intelligent Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

As a global leader in energy management, we can manage your steam, humidification and hot water systems better than anyone in the world. Armstrong will increase patient safety and comfort for your healthcare organization. Our experts help you reduce airborne bacteria and static discharge. We enable you to maintain the steam quality necessary to ensure proper sterilization. We improve your air quality and humidity levels. We also help you address other vital issues, such as Legionella. All while cutting costs and emissions.

At Armstrong, we're here to make your life easier with state-of-the-art system solutions, groundbreaking services and hardworking products, such as: automatic steam quality monitoring; clean, reliable, precisely controlled humidification; and instantaneous hot water generation and digital water temperature control.

Intelligent Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Humidification Solutions

Humidification plays a crucial role in any healthcare environment. As your trusted solution provider, Armstrong provides industry-leading design, manufacturing and application of humidification equipment for healthcare organizations throughout the world. We offer a wide array of intelligent humidification solutions that consistently deliver efficient, reliable, cost-effective humidity control. Armstrong will help you maintain proper humidity levels for reducing static discharge and airborne bacteria, which can ultimately lead to fewer infections and increased safety for patients.

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Humidification Checklist Whitepaper

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HumidiClean™ Humidifiers

Armstrong HumidiClean™ electric and gas-fired humidifiers utilize remarkable, ionic bed technology for more efficient operation, increased energy savings, and close to maximum output throughout their service life.

Ionic Bed Technology

HumidiClean™ humidifiers feature replaceable, ionic bed inserts. This technology is backed by years of field-proven success in thousands of humidifier installations. The ionic bed consists of a fibrous medium that attracts solids from the water as its temperature rises, minimizing scale buildup on the heat exchanger and inner tank walls. An ionic bed weighs approximately 3/4 pound when it's new, but after absorbing its capacity of solids, it may weigh more than four pounds. When this occurs, a signal light on the humidifier tells you to change the ionic bed inserts—a simple, 15-minute task.

HumidiClean™ Saves Time, Energy and Money

Most humidifiers drain every 20–45 minutes because of carbonate buildup. However, the ionic beds attract these carbonates from the water, so the primary reason to drain the HumidiClean™ tank is to eliminate sodium. Since this is typically necessary only once every 12 hours, HumidiClean™ greatly reduces the amount of hot water wasted, and delivers real savings in energy costs.

HumidiClean™ requires less maintenance and downtime associated with humidifier cleaning, including:

  • Reduces cleaning of tank heat exchanger and drain screen—allowing for effective tank blowdown
  • Lowers heat-exchanger surface temperatures, with no output reduction
  • Decreases water and energy consumption due to fewer required tank blowdowns
  • Eliminates the need for wasteful surface skimmers

HumidiClean Series HC-6000 Electric Steam Humidifiers

How HumidiClean works: Once power is supplied to the unit, the water fill valve energizes and water enters the tank. When the level reaches the low-water switch, the heating elements are energized (assuming there’s a call for steam output). The unit continues to fill until the high-water switch is energized. HumidiClean responds to the humidistat's input signal by producing steam. If all conditions remain constant, the tank will fill at regular intervals. Periodic tank drainage is based on active time of the heating elements, but it may be field-adjusted to water conditions.

Designed for Safety

Armstrong HumidiClean passes no current through water. Its resistance-type design has a proven track record for safety. Individual compartments keep the plumbing completely separated from the electrical components. Other safety features we've built into HumidiClean include: a key-locked access door, error light, continual-checking diagnostic routines, high- and low-water-level detection, internal tank temperature sensing, over-current protection, and connections for a Class 2 alarm device.

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Gas-Fired Steam HumidiClean™ Series GFH

The Gas-Fired HumidiClean from Armstrong operates economically on natural gas or propane. It is adaptable to various water qualities, and service life cycle and tank drainage are field-adjustable. HumidiClean is CSA-certified and CGA-approved.

How Gas-Fired Steam HumidiClean works: When there is a call for humidity, the pre-combustion safety check confirms that the duct-pressure switch, duct high-limit humidistat and liquid-level control circuits are satisfied. The microprocessor then signals the blower to turn on, and the humidifier’s blower-pressure switch senses air movement. Next, the unit signals the ignition-control module to perform a purge cycle. The hot-surface igniter comes on and, after it comes up to temperature, the gas valve opens and gas ignition occurs. The flame-detection rod senses the presence of the flame, and combustion is underway. The humidifier accepts a 0-10 Vdc control signal and provides proportional output in response.

Advantages of Gas-Fired Steam HumidiClean

  • Uses natural gas or propane for economical operation
  • Category I/III gas-fired appliance
  • Energy cost savings in comparison to electric humidifiers
  • Wide range of humidity outputs to cover a variety of applications
  • Modulated control of steam output
  • Steam output turndown ratio of up to 30:1
  • Low NOx infrared burner
  • 82% efficiency rating
  • Ionic bed technology to reduce cleaning and maintenance

Safety Features

  • Pressure switch senses air movement in the blower and back pressure on the unit
  • Ignition-control module monitors combustion of the unit
  • Flame-detection rod senses flame during combustion
  • Liquid-level control prevents a low-water condition
  • Tank low-level probe provides redundancy to avoid low-water condition
  • Stack over-temperature sensing prevents overheating
  • Tank insulation prohibits access to hot tank surface
  • End-of-season drain eliminates standing water during periods of no demand
Conditioned Steam

Conditioned Steam

At Armstrong, our improvements in steam humidification are fundamentally different because they begin with the steam, not the humidifier. To condition steam, we use the following four-step process, developed by our experts. First, the steam is slowed and particulate matter is removed. Next, the condensate is separated, and the steam is dried. In the final step, the steam is silenced. Unlike units that simply disperse steam, Armstrong’s direct-steam humidifiers work with the steam, guiding it through the many steps of our unique, carefully engineered process.

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HumidiPack® Steam Dispersion Panels

Armstrong HumidiPack® is a prefabricated steam humidifier system that is ready for insertion in the duct. The HumidiPack® consists of a separator/header and multiple-tube dispersion assembly when supplied for use with an Armstrong steam-generating humidifier. When HumidiPack® is used on pressurized steam, a steam-supply control valve, strainer, steam trap and header drain traps are added.

Simplified installation

The HumidiPack® Family dispersion assemblies slide neatly into ductwork or air-handling units, which typically reduces the time and labor required for field installations. Units with horizontal tubes and vertical headers offer all piping on one side of the ductwork or air handler to simplify piping.

Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel

The header/separator and dispersion assembly of the HumidiPack® Family are of rugged stainless steel, providing a long, trouble-free service life. To minimize maintenance, tube-to-header joints are welded stainless steel rather than assembled plastic adapters with o-rings.

Application Flexibility

The HumidiPack® Family includes a variety of sizes and configurations to meet new installation or retrofit needs.

Compatibility With Many Steam Sources

HumidiPack® may be used with Armstrong Series CS-10 Steam-to-Steam humidifiers and gas and electric steam-generating humidifiers. HumidiPack® is also compatible with systems that have packaged boilers or a central steam supply to 60 psig (4 bar). The HumidiPackPlus and HumidiPack® CF may be used with packaged boilers or central steam supply to 60 psig (4 bar).

Reduced Heat Gain To Duct Air

Since no steam is admitted to the manifold assembly unless there is a demand for steam output, there is no heat gain to duct air when HumidiPack® and HumidiPackCF are not in use.


HumidiPackPlus combines the absorption (non-wetting) distance-shortening performance of HumidiPack® with the additional feature of steam-jacketed “active” tubes. The result is a dry, uniform discharge of steam for nearly any application with a steam source from a pressurized central supply.


HumidiPack® CF

HumidiPack® CF offers the performance of HumidiPackPlus without the need of jacketing steam on pressurized steam applications. Typically used with a vertical header configuration, HumidiPack® CF offers excellent separation of entrained moisture from steam with preheated active tubes. The entire face area is cold during periods of no demand, adding no energy to the air stream.

Steam Quality Monitoring

Steam quality plays a crucial role in the sterilization process, so it is essential for patient safety and reducing hospital-acquired infections. Armstrong provides state-of-the-art solutions for steam quality monitoring, such as Steam QM®-1.

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Steam Quality Monitoring

Steam QM®-1 Steam Quality Monitoring

By detecting the dryness fraction of steam entering autoclaves, Armstrong's Steam QM®-1 enables you to maintain the steam quality necessary to ensure proper sterilization and avoid pitting of instruments. Even more importantly, Steam QM®-1 helps prevent the dangerous wet packs that can stop or delay surgery, costing hospitals and physicians time and money and creating an infection risk for patients.

Steam QM®-1 is an automatic steam quality monitor that continuously determines and communicates the dryness fraction of the steam. Although manual methods of measuring steam dryness fraction are still in use, they are time-consuming, inconsistent, less reliable and present inherent safety and accuracy risks. Automatic testing has proven to be a more reliable and consistently accurate way to monitor and measure steam quality.

Hot Water Solutions

Armstrong's industry-leading solutions for the healthcare industry place user safety and Legionella risk reduction at the forefront of hot water system design, operation and maintenance. Our state-of-the-art solutions for instantaneous hot water generation and precision temperature control are trusted by healthcare organizations like yours, all over the world.

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Steam Quality Monitoring

Digital-Flo® Shell & Tube Instantaneous Water Heaters

Armstrong Digital-Flo® combines our revolutionary digital water temperature control technology—The Brain® Digital Recirculating Valve (DRV)—with instantaneous heat exchanger design. The result is an industry-changing series of water heaters that achieve a level of hot water system temperature control accuracy previously considered unattainable. Our Digital-Flo® shell & tube steam-to-water instantaneous water heaters consistently deliver efficiency, reliability and energy savings, as well as legionella risk reduction.

The Advantages of Digital-Flo® Shell & Tube

Armstrong digital technology

  • Powered by low-voltage electronics
  • Quick response times eliminate the need for pneumatic control valves
  • Programmable high/low temperature alert function
  • Programmable hot water system safety shutdown
  • Self-diagnostic display messaging
  • Integral Building Automation System (BAS) Modbus Interface
  • Serial connection point for BAS Interface (BACnet, LonWorks, Web)
  • Simplified system commissioning

Armstrong heat exchange technology

  • Constant steam pressure prevents stall—no pump trap
  • Low surface temperature option for hard water applications
  • Instantaneous—no storage
  • Raises water temperature to a level high enough to prevent Legionella survival
Steam Quality Monitoring

The Brain® Digital Recirculation Valve (DRV)

Armstrong introduced digital water temperature control to the world with The Brain® Digital Recirculation Valve (DRV). Engineered exclusively for recirculating hot water systems, The Brain® simplifies your hot water system to deliver unparalleled accuracy, stability and safety. It offers programmable temperature alerts and a program to promote compliance with recommended Legionella guidelines. 

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SAGE Smart Hot Water System Monitoring and Reporting

This fully integrated software tool brings you the next level in smart hot water system monitoring and reporting. SAGE™ works seamlessly with all our real-time monitoring products, including The Brain®, as it analyzes data to track behavior and performance—ensuring full compliance with VA, ASHRAE and World Health Organization hot water system safety guidelines. By providing regular updates and real-time alerts, SAGE™ keeps you informed, 24 hours a day.

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Operations & Maintenance

Armstrong is the trusted solution provider in steam, humidification and hot water. We're here to solve your problems and make things easier for you. Armstrong can manage your healthcare organization's utility system, and we offer an extensive range of services that can be tailored to meet your requirements. Our experts work directly with your management team to ensure that your energy system infrastructure is maintained efficiently and safely.

For more than a century, Armstrong has been developing and perfecting utility best practices that enable us to maximize your efficiency, even in the face of rising energy costs. We can help you stabilize or lower overall utility expenses and achieve your goals for reducing utility and energy expenditures. Armstrong offers on-site utility system solutions, turnkey installations, custom engineering, and innovative financing options, as well as groundbreaking technology and services for monitoring, measuring, notification and more—all demonstrating unparalleled value and improved utility performance.

We Will Customize Our Services For You

  • Audit Services—Our experts analyze portions or all of your O&M functions, recommend areas of improvement and estimate payback potential.
  • Oversight Support—Armstrong provides continuing utility oversight and advises on opportunities for improvement; regular reporting to management is available.
  • On-site Operations & Maintenance Leadership—Our on-site expert provides the daily leadership necessary to handle all responsibilities for your O&M function.
  • On-site Operations & Maintenance Integrated Services—We provide a complete on-site staff, or employ the current plant staff, and handle daily O&M functions.

Case Studies

Safe, Reliable Hot Water Generation for Hospital Expansion—Wexford General Hospital, Ireland

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Packaged Hot Water Generation Solution to Replace Outdated System—Dr. P. Phillips Hospital, Florida, U.S., North America

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Hot Water Generation and Control to Meet Growing Demands—Karlsruhe Hospital, Germany

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Major Internal Steamline Degradation—Little Rock Veterans Hospital, Southeastern U.S, North America

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Steam System Study to Identify Energy Conservation Measurements—United Regional Healthcare System, Texas, U.S., North America

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Condensate System Improvements Identified by Armstrong Audit—Menlo Park Veterans Hospital, West Coast, U.S., North America

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Steam Trap Monitoring to Reduce Steam Loss and Consumption—Manhattan Veterans Hospital, Northeastern U.S., North America

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Multiyear Engineering Service Contract—Lehigh Valley Hospital, Pennsylvania, U.S., North America

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Why Armstrong?

Armstrong has more than a century of in-depth knowledge and experience, enabling us to manage your steam, humidification and hot water requirements like no one else can. On the forefront of technology and innovation, Armstrong introduced digital water temperature control to the world, and our company holds more than 50 patents on exceptional products and software. Our automatic steam quality monitoring is one of many state-of-the-art tools found only at Armstrong. We're the trusted global leader in energy management, conservation and sustainability, and our intelligent solutions consistently save time, money and energy for organizations throughout the healthcare market, worldwide.

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