Accurate Flow Measurement on Steam Collector


AB InBev - Hoegaarden 


Hoegaarden, Belgium


The preaudit of the Hoegaarden plant’s steam systems showcased the lack of knowledge on the exact steam use throughout the different production process. Accurate flow control can impact safety, product quality and cost savings, Armstrong exactly know how to solve steam flow measurement problems and is equipped with a full line of products.


Armstrong’s flow measurement product specialist conducted a detailed study to provide a tailor-made solution for Hoegaarden: installation of a flowmeter on each steam collector feeding line straight after the steam boiler. 6 Accelabar flow meters have been installed (1xDN50, 3xDN80, 1xDN150 & 1xDN200).


• Simple installation: Flowmeters were able to be installed in the vertical steam lines side by side, without long straight runs.
• No extra material: Thanks to this solution no extra steam traps were needed.
• Accuracy: Measurement of great variation of steam flow with high accuracy.
• Monitoring: Dataloging on PLC of all measurements
• Steam Quality: The combination of the measurement of the x factor controls the quality of the steam
• No calibration necessary with Accelabar. With the formal flow meters needed to be dismantled & sent for recalibration: every time service hours & temporary shutdown of steam system for dismantling.

Food & Beverage
Solution type: 
Flow Measurement